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sustainability at casita

Sustainability is something so important to us, now more than ever, so we wanted to flag up the ways in which we are working to be kinder to the planet. We're still learning and are by no means perfect, so please do let us know if you find anything else at all that we can be doing!

importing and shipping

We offset all of the emissions created in our importing and shipping (using and Planet by Shopify) but we know that isn't enough, so we've also been sure to partner with a logistics company that has its own climate protection strategy to ensure its own and its clients' footprints are as small as possible - the company favours rail and road over air wherever possible, is investing in electric vehicles and has all manner of other sustainability processes in place covering the lights it uses, the way its drivers are trained and much more.


We have pledged to never use plastic and wherever possible we use recycled and recyclable paper. We use enviro boxes, which are as strong as double walled boxes but use less material and 30% less CO2 in their manufacturing. We also use fully recyclable and biodegradable paper tape rather than sellotape and 100% recyclable, biodegradable and acid-free tissue paper for wrapping our products. 

product runs

We have been conservative in our buying, conscious that we don't want a lot of unsold product for environmental reasons (and financial, of course) but anything we do have left over at the end of a run will be donated to charity or given away - nothing will ever be thrown away to contribute to landfill on our watch. Equally, we select our products with longevity in mind, with the intention that they will last in your homes for years to come rather than being a one-season piece. Even the more seasonal products, like Christmas decorations, are suitable for securely storing and using year after year. 

We are also going to be supporting charities throughout the year, with a percentage of profits being donated to a selected cause - we will be sure to include environmental projects within them.

We hope that by outlining the steps we are taking to be kinder to the planet, you can shop easier, knowing that we are doing out best to avoid contributing to the problems the planet is already facing. Please do let us know if there is anything you feel we could improve on - email us at

Jazmin & Rosa xx