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hello and welcome!

Hello! Firstly, thank you for visiting, it means so, so much to have you here. 

As we officially launch, I (Jazmin) thought it would be the perfect time to introduce ourselves in a bit more detail than the little we can fit on our about us page, so you can get to know the people behind the brand, just as we'll get to know you. 

We are Jazmin, 35 and Rosa, 61 - mother and daughter living in Manchester, UK. My mum was born and raised in Santiago, Chile, until the coup d'état in 1973 forced her and her family to leave and they eventually found themselves here. Mum stayed on in Manchester after meeting my dad, while her siblings moved to New York and Paris, spreading the family even further around the world. We're now a truly global collective, with family still in Chile and others in Melilla, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, amongst other places. 

I was born here in Manchester to mum and my Spanish dad, moved away to Spain as a part of my Journalism and Hispanic Studies degree and then spent 12 years in marketing (self employed for nine of them), back in Manchester. As I was set to return from maternity leave in early 2022, after the birth of my little girl, I decided that the PR industry was no longer for me and that it was time for a new adventure. And so casita was born! 

My mum and I have always had a passion for interiors (I remember her redecorating our house annually when I was younger, so I know where I got my interest from!) and travel and wondered how we could bring the two together. We quickly came up with the idea of casita and immediately set to reaching out to suppliers across the world and calling upon our global family and with a bit of hard work, here we are, just a few months later. 

Our intention with casita is to bring together the best of interiors from across the world, fusing together cultures and styles - whilst celebrating the best of UK creators, too - by offering a range that is truly unique, including high-quality dinner sets, drinkware, rugs, tablecloths and other home accessories, all made with both impeccable care and first class design. We want our customers to know that they'll find something they love on the site and we will always be led by your purchases and your feedback - please never hesitate to reach out!

We've started with quite a muted collection as our base range and intend on bringing more colour and detail in alongside this as we move through the seasons. We welcome your feedback and/or suggestions for new products and are always be up for a chat on Instagram - find us @casitahomeware. 

We hope you love everything about casita - from the website to the products, the branding, the photos and our service - and we look forward to going on this journey with you. Thanks for being a part of it.

Jazmin & Rosa xx